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I founded Sisse Dinesen Jewelry in 2019 with the mission to create unique jewelry that can be your personal accessory for many years to come.

The special thing about handmade jewelry is that the process is different each time. Working the materials by hand, creates a playfulness and uniqueness that makes each piece of jewelry slightly different from the next one. ⁠

My aim with Sisse Dinesen Jewelry is to let my love and passion for jewelry design shine through every piece I create - so it can look truly magical on you.

Designing handmade jewelry is always a unique journey. My design process rarely starts on paper, but comes to life as I work with the materials - sometimes ending up with something completely different, and even more meaningful from the initial idea. By choosing handmade jewelry, you make sure that your jewelry is 100% unique - and in addition you support a more sustainable way of jewelry making, what's not to love?

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I believe in sustainable production. I recycle all my scraps and old jewelry. They are melted down and incorporated into new jewelry, which means that there is very little waste in my jewelry production.

Just as important it is for you to know where your food comes from, just as important it should be for you, to know where your jewelry comes from. ⁠All my designs are handcrafted in small collections, in my workspace in Denmark - with no waste and no mass production.⁠

All jewelry comes in FSC certificated packaging - because caring makes a difference.


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